Visa stamps in Ireland and Mortgages

A visa is a paper document attached to a page of the holder’s passport, that serves as a form of pre-entry clearance which allows the holder to travel to the country that issued the visa. Most visas to Ireland are valid for 90 days, if you wish to stay for more than 90 days, you would have to apply to Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) for permission. You would need this permission if you are from a country outside of the EU and Switzerland. You will need this permission to work, study, live, join family or get a mortgage in Ireland as a citizen of a non-EU country.

There are about 12 visa stamps in Ireland which you can apply for, however, not all these stamps are eligible for a mortgage. Out of these 12 visa stamps, only 6 visa stamps are eligible for a mortgage.

– Stamp 1: This gives you the permission to work or operate a business in Ireland, subject to certain conditions. The conditions and privileges attached to Stamp 1 depend on various factors, including the individual’s employment or education status. This stamp has to sub categories which is the Stamp 1 (Critical skills) and Stamp 1 (general work permit). The sub category you can apply for, depends on your employment (please see Citizen Information for more details). They both have different conditions and privileges. You can get a mortgage if you are on any of these visas although not all lenders would accept the Stamp 1 (general work permit).

– Stamp 1G: This permit indicates you have finished your studies in Ireland and have the permission to look for an employment. This stamp is also given to Spouses of Stamp 1 (Critical skills employment permit) holders. Non-EEA residents can live and work in Ireland under this stamp. Only the Stamp 1G (Spousal) can be considered for mortgage purposes. In order to be considered, the stamp holder must be applying with their spouse who is either on a Stamp 1 (Critical skills employment permit) or has now moved to another stamp such as the Stamp 4.

– Stamp 4/ 4D: This permits you to stay in Ireland without any restriction until a certain date (usually for 1 year which can later be renewed for another 3 years). All mortgage lenders would be able to accept your stamp.

– Stamp 5: You can apply for this after lawfully residing in Ireland for atleast 8 years. This Stamp is valid as long as your passport is valid. You would be able to get a mortgage under this stamp.

– Stamp 6: Similar to Stamp 5, this time doesn’t have a time constraint and its usually used for Irish citizens who have dual citizenship. You would be able to get a mortgage under this stamp.

Here at Irish Mortgage brokers, we assist non-EU/Switzerland citizens in helping them with getting a mortgage in Ireland. Irish Mortgage brokers would be able to advise you on the lenders you can get a mortgage with based on your visa stamp. Feel free to contact me, Timileyin Arimoro on 016583040 or ta(at) for a free consultation.

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