Top 5 Cities to invest in Ireland 2021

Investing in property is one of the biggest decision you will ever make in life. Location is perhaps the most significant factor to take into consideration. As an investment, property in a good location will continue to be an asset regardless of the future fluctuations in the real estate market.  In Ireland, there are 5 cities which guarantee that your property continues to be profitable investments because of a good flow of tenants, low maintenance costs, high capital appreciation, and the good rental yield.

  1. Dublin

Of course, Dublin is first in the list. The city is at the top of the list when it comes to best places to purchase property according to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Reports of 2020. The city’s real estate market is powerful in terms of both development prospects and investment potential. The city comes third after Berlin and Lisbon as the best place to invest in the whole of Europe. The growth of technology in the city is attracting tech giants like Facebook and Google, whose growing number of employees prefer to rent houses as compared to buying. A one-bed apartment at the heart of the city offers you the best return-on-investment. 

  1. Cork

Cork is one of the 5 top cities to invest in Ireland since it perfectly encapsulates unique historic buildings and heritage. Additionally, the city has diverse and beautiful landscape. Apart from being the major port in Ireland, the city is the second largest after Dublin and has a population of approximately 120,000. Even better, this busy and cosmopolitan city has an international airport. 

  1. Greystones 

The third best city to invest in Ireland is Greystones. This city is located in northern Count Wicklov and is a few miles away from both Wexford and Dublin. Previously, Greystones was voted as the best place to live in the world. Despite being a small city, it is very busy. As an investor, this is a perfect place to invest since has two amazing beaches, many restaurants, a harbor, and a redeveloped waterfront. Its strategic location, snowy mountains and sandy beaches makes it a popular destination for tourists during summer and also during winter.

  1. Gallway

Without a doubt, thousands of tourist come to Ireland to interact with the stunning scenery and enjoy the lush outdoors. Gallway is the best city to invest in because it has beautiful countrysides and mild climate which are loved by tourists. The city is also within the second largest and least populated county in Ireland. In summer, the port city is very busy since its vibrant arts scene attracts renowned artists and fans from around the world all of whom would have to rent houses to stay in.

  1. Kinsale

Kinsale is in the Cork County and is one of the most popular places to live in the whole of Ireland. Despite the fact that it was previously a fishing town, the city has grown to be a major economic hub that has seen various European organizations set up offices. Being located at the source of River Bandon and due to its beauty, the city attracts a lot of tourists and locals. The city is also well planned and boasts gourmet food festivals, award-winning restaurants, art galleries, yachting, and golf courses. Kinsale is one of the top five places to invest in Ireland because of its climate and quality of life which attracts tourists who can pay top dollar for accommodation. 


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