Saving During the Pandemic

Now is a great time to be investing in smart money saving techniques. The recent pandemic in 2020 has not treated many of us kindly, and money may be an issue even as we move into 2021. We’ve composed a shortlist of just a couple of ways you could help yourself financially to not only get back on your feet but also begin thinking of how to use your money wisely!

1: Begin Saving

Everyone should already always have an emergency fund at the ready, but why not go beyond that set a certain amount of your paycheck to be put into savings? According to Retail Analyst Mr. Kantar Worldpanel, nearly a quarter of Irish families regularly shop at either Aldi or Lidl. In that, nearly 75% of families rarely shop at discounter shops. These family-friendly stores could not only give you better, more local products but also be less of a burden on your wallet. Mr. Worldpanel also reports that of the families that shop at Aldi or Lidl, their weekly grocery bill is nearly 20% lower than those that do not shop there. Over a year, that could result in a large amount of savings.

2: Shop Locally

One major trend that the COVID pandemic has accelerated is the move to shop locally. Irish people have clearly embraced this with a large number of small and local grocers, butchers, bakers, and stores that have benefited from consumer loyalty. But even so, 2021 will continue to be tough on many local retailers, restaurants, and travel agents. Therefore, help these local businesses by spending close to home and oftentimes you’ll find yourself surprised by the savings you can get at these stores too.

3: Plan that Vacation

With everything going on, everyone needs a little vacation to get away and relax. Many Irish people have had to cancel, rebook, and then cancel trips in 2020. But with the current low prices in the airlines and the soon-to-be public COVID vaccine, many people have started to book and plan cheap vacation trips that they’ll be taking as the pandemic starts to end. This has been made even easier with the accessibility the internet has given to customers to have DIY holidays planned in even the most exotic countries. Looking to plan ahead and early bookings can save you quite a bit on transportation fees.

As the world begins to return to normal, just keep in mind that there will always be places you can look to save just a little.


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