Privately owned housing in Emsdetten

The houses that are for sale in Emsdetten are mostly provided by real estate agents or banks. Flats are rather provided by real estate agents than by private people as well. Buying or renting a house or flat is quite expensive in comparison to other towns in the surrounding. I did a research to find out how much flats in Emsdetten cost.
When people look for flats with two bedrooms which are provided by real estate agents or banks, the prices are between 608-825 per month. The price depends on where the flat is located, how old it is and how many square meters it measures. Three bedroom flats cost 680-800 per month. The price for a two bedroom flat provided by private people is 760-850. Flats with three bedrooms cost €860 per month.

The prices for flats are more expensive than in other towns because the demand is very high. When looking for flats on websites like “”, which is very popular in Germany, there are many people that are looking for flats in Emsdetten. So when a flat is advertised on the internet it does not take much time until someone rents it.

When moving into a flat, there are some things that people should think about. It is very common in Emsdetten that when someone moves into a flat there is no kitchen. In many cases the kitchen can be bought from the previous tenant which can be more expensive than buying a new kitchen sometimes.


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