Healthy Relationships with Money and your SO

Lots of people say money complicates things. Well, it may be true in some situations but being transparent about your significant other and money is important. Over the years you will attract what you are worth and what you put out there. How you act to others is a direct effect of how others will view you, this is not only for significant others but friends, family, etc. You worried you are with the wrong person or attracting the wrong people you might need to start reevaluating yourself.

Speak to your partners. Do you like saving money? Do you like investing? Do you like getting good deals? Communication is key. Being on the same page with each other is important to know each other’s values. By doing so, as partners you can start compromising to avoid unsaid annoyances. Letting each other know right from the beginning shows exactly who you are and who they are. It makes it easy to find someone like you or believes in the same things as you.

Money may be a taboo topic. Having conversations about money is early is key because it keeps a long-term relationship going. In a serious relationship, it is important to know whether your long-term financial goals will clash together or complement each other. For example, if one partner is extremely frugal and plans on early retirement while the other is living in the moment, eventually one will give in to the other beliefs. This can lead to resentment which is never healthy in a relationship.

There is no one size fits all. It is important to acknowledge your ideals should line up with your significant others so you can work together towards goals and things to save for. This has nothing to do with someone’s earnings in a year, this is simply about someone’s financial responsibilities. This is about setting expectations upfront without unexpected surprises. Generally, it is important for a relationship to have a healthy and positive attitude towards finance and many other aspects of a relationship. As long as there is a unified outlook on saving, investing, borrowing, and cost of living you will be able to find a balance of joy.

You cannot change someone. Do not expect you can change someone’s spending habits immediately without the other person wanting to change. Fundamentally if you see flaws that you try to fix to fit the mold of your desired partner, the most likely means they are not the one for you. It is better to see that earlier than later to free yourself up for a potentially better candidate.  


Lucas Zhang was a Finance major at Ohio State University. He writes about finance, mortgages, and technology for Irish Mortgage Brokers. 

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