Apartments and their prices in Emsdetten

The town Emsdetten provides houses and flats either for rent or to buy them. To find them, it just needs some clicks on your computer or your cell phone because the best offers can be found on the internet. Though the internet is a convenient and fast opportunity to find an apartment, there are other opportunities such as the banks, estate agents or reading through the newspaper. In Emsdetten there are provided many different kinds of apartments, for example small flats, villas or multiple-family houses. But what can be said based on a research is that the provided houses in Emsdetten are rather old buildings than new buildings. Emsdetten has many beautiful places, for example near the river Ems so you have a view on the river. The town also has many parts that are good for families because they are quiet. For example a part of town that is called Austum where do live quite many families with children. The area is quite, has a park near it and also a kindergarten. Emsdetten has many areas like that.
Regarding the prices, buying or renting a house or a flat in Emsdetten is quite expensive in comparison to other towns with the same population. Renting a three bedroom flat that measures 65-100 square meters costs around €650-€850. The price depends on the area and on which floor the flat is. Flats that are in the city center are more expensive than flats that are rather outside the center. Is a flat on the first floor, it is usually more expensive than flats on the top floor. In comparison to the town Greven, with a population of round about 37.500 people, a three bedroom flat cost between €500-€750 on average. That means that flats are less expensive though the town is more near to the city Muenster (population of 314.000).
Emsdetten provides different types of houses such as duplexes, single family houses, multiple-family houses and villas. Houses that measure around 300-1.000 square meters and are 100-50 years old cost between €250.000-€350.000. Modern houses or new buildings cost around €380.000-€750.000. The prices for villas are around €650.000-€1.200.000.
Since the climate change has became an issue for all parts of the world including Germany, there have been built so called “low energy houses”. As the names says, these houses have a lower energy demand than regular houses. This low energy demand is achieved by the use of renewable energies, such as the use of air and earth heat to heat the house. But at the moment such houses only are built in the surroundings of Emsdetten and not in the town. The price for a new built low energy house in Nordwalde (10km from Emsdetten) with a land area of 142 square meters and with four bedrooms is 460.000.
When booking a hotel for a stay in Emsdetten, the hotels cost around €75-€100 per night. The price depends on how old the hotel is and where it is located (e.g. near the city center). When staying in an accommodation like an Airbnb, the price is around €70 per night.

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