Irish Income Tax Schedules

Individuals pay income tax on any taxable income earned or received in a calendar year. Both these incomes are classified under a number of different headings or “Schedules”

Schedule D – Class 1: Income earned from a self-employed Trade
Schedule D – Class 2: Income earned from a self-employed Profession
Schedule D – Class 3: Dividends, rents and interest from foreign investments
Schedule D – Class 4: Deposit interest subject to DIRT and other miscellaneous types of income
Schedule D – Class 5: Rental income from an Irish property

Schedule E – : Salary and wages arising from an employment
Schedule E – : Benefits in Kind (BIK) provider by an employer for an employee
Schedule E –  : Pensions and annuities
: normally Schedule E income is subject to PAYE, PRSI & USC deduction at source

Schedule F -: Dividends from an Irish resident company

Schedules D, Class 1&2, and Schedule E relate to “earned income” while Schedules D Class 3,4,5, and Schedule F relate to “unearned income”.

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