The Water Crunch

My youth spent in Los Angeles had the theme of water conservation built into it, so water has always had a special place in my world view.

This post has a video which is about a man trying to bring potable water to those who cannot obtain it, an entrepreneur with a concience, Cameron O’Mara. He will be using oil exploration technologies to find pockets of water in the Earths crust, which is part of the ‘Megawatershed paradigm‘.

The ‘Green Boom’ is likely to end in an ‘alternative bust’, but water won’t go away, water is going to be one of the primary causes of concern in the coming decade as the world population continues its explosive growth and while we don’t have much to worry about in Ireland (the rest of the world doesn’t enjoy the level of rain we do!), water may well be the resource that countries go to war over in the future.

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