The value of ideas

When you hear about ‘ideas’ sometimes it’s as simple as minor inspiration, other times it is a total awakening the way Sir Isaac Newton had when an apple fell on his head. That ‘idea’ lead to the the basis of understanding gravity.

The idea of E=mc2 was merely an idea, Einstein had that one, the work it took Oppenhiemer to turn it into a nuclear bomb might have equalled many lifetimes of toil in the effort but without the idea they would have spent much longer running around in circles, or worse still not running at all.

While one could argue that ‘ideas’ of themselves are useless without work and follow through, but lets look for a proof by contradiction. Can you have a result without an idea? No.

Would we have nuclear bombs without the idea set forward by Einstien? No.

An idea is like a seed, if you plant many seeds …

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