Tweet for charity!

I started the day at 384 followers then sent out a tweet… ‘I’ll donate €1 to @barnardos_irl for ever new follower I get before 5pm (up to €5k)’

First of all- Thanks a million to everybody who took part! Your names are below!

By sending a RT/Via or clicking ‘follow’ ya really helped out, granted, we didn’t change the world yesterday but we may have changed the way part of it works in the future because it might help charities find a way to leverage the potential of twitter and the web to their benefit.

Well, it was a success in the respect that it raised €150 for Barnardos! [€87 was due to new follows] I was hoping to get hit for at least a grand, but I figure I’ll get there some other way with a new idea for next time, perhaps the next one will be to get lots of follows for a charity or some other worthy cause – actually, that’s an idea…. In keeping with the ethos of the ‘tweet …

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