Propertypin proves nothing on Rent Allowance (other than that their figures are wrong)

There was an interesting post on ThePropertyPin that I came across on twitter and in reading the analysis I was struck by the statistics mentioned regarding the rent supplement.

For a non-landlord, hearing that ‘rent supplement’ is above actual rents must seem like lunacy, heck, even for a landlord it sounds ridiculous. In particular when the average is 7% above the general asking prices according to the piece. But taking this post on the face of things merely circumvents the truth within the figures.

In fact, in many instance there are several factors at play, such as a local authorities inability to accept ‘asking prices’ as the real price, where these figures are negative it demonstrates that they know the asking price is not the ‘clearing price’ and therefore they can offer the client (rent supplement recipient) far less than that which is dictated by the market.

For instance, in every case given, Leitrim is not giving people enough to rent a property and its the same in Longford. In Longford the average …

Read More – We got banned!

Having been a contributor for three years to ThePropertyPin I was unceremoniously banned yesterday! In the past I had worked with the owner of the site to make a podcast, helped to contribute and create countless posts and then got the boot.

I was given the option (click image above to see full size version) of taking a different name and never mentioning my prior username or anything regarding my disagreement with the moderators of the site on the ban. I committed the cardinal sin of questioning a mod decision that was based upon some ongoing banter between me and a mod, essentially though, The Unwelcome Guest can give a slag but not take one.

What a shame, this used to be a great site and when many in the public domain had turned their back on it I stayed put. All of my final posts were deleted, but I screen-shot them for the sake of transparency. …

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