What the Numbers Mean for those Looking to Buy

Ireland as a whole is eagerly waiting for each month to come, and new statistics to be published. Statistics in regards to the housing market and what can be expected by the next months’ forecasts.

It is with eager thoughts that positive reports mean future gains and future gains mean economic development and of course, citizens of Ireland to get into their homes.

A country with many living in a distressed state as they give up their dreams of home ownership or settle for someplace they simply don’t want, these reports sit a little heavy.

With every new reported couple/persons in the home buyer cluster there comes a story as to why they aren’t following their initial plans.

Maybe they can’t afford their dream home, the supply of homes isn’t available in their price range, or they gave up after years of looking to move into a one bedroom apartment, costing the same amount as a small home. The overlapping theme, unfulfilled.

Most individuals are hoping for the stats to tell them that the country is …

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What is the optimum size of Government?

Art Laffer is perhaps best remembered for his famous curve, some people believe it doesn’t exist (in application), others swear by it. This video looks at some of the statistics which support the argument that Government spending inhibits an economy once it goes beyond a certain point. This will be a difficult video to accept from an Irish perspective as we are constantly calling upon the state for our solutions and that requires greater state spending. Enjoy.

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