The Coronavirus Brought Me To Dublin

As an American student from Boston, Massachusetts studying at Providence College in Rhode Island, I was offered an opportunity to continue my business studies in Shanghai, China. At the time I had to make a decision, the U.S. news reports were filled with articles about escalating trade tensions between the United States and China. Tariffs were followed by retaliation tariffs, back and forth, between both countries and I was nervous the tensions would affect China’s view towards Americans studying in their country. Despite the public tensions, I accepted the opportunity to learn and intern in a large financial hub with a rather booming economy.

As the February 2020 departure was soon approaching, I started to hear fewer and fewer stories about the Trade War, and more and more stories about a rampant epidemic, the Coronavirus. A virus that started in Wuhan had rapidly spread throughout China and even to six individuals in the United States. My concern about how Chinese people would view me altered to a concern of if I could even attend school in China. As the number …

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Is London losing its head?

There was quite a fuss about the British budget budget yesterday especially because non-domiciled (non-doms) are going to face a 30k sterling levy, there is a fear (it is not certain whether it is real or supposed) that this will ultimately cause a ‘brain drain’ on the country and cause much of the foreign talent to flee to other places rather than pay a hefty fee.

This levy was only brought in because there are so many highly paid talents are living in the UK virtually tax free, and the likelihood is that they are not paying tax where ever they are domiciled. For the highly paid exec’s they can threaten to leave but they won’t. leave and go where? London is to finance what Rome once was to the empire, if you leave you’ll be paid 30k less to do more work in the new place. The outcry is purely from those whose vested interests may be hurt. Irish tax dodgers tend to be simple in their approach, you don’t pay and then when you are audited you get …

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