Newstalk: Talking Point on housing, Saturday 9th April 2016

This week on Talking Point the host Sarah Carey did a great job of examining housing issues with the panel of guests which in studio included Lorcan Sirr of DIT, Dermot Lacey a Labour Party Councillor and Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers.

Many relevant points were made about tenure, about supply constraints and solutions as well as discussions about things that don’t often make the press – such as permanent tenures and the like. It is well worth listening back on given the breadth and expert insight of the show.


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Talking Point on Pre-nuptial agreements, with Sarah Carey

We were on ‘Talking Point’ to discuss the relevance pre-nuptial agreements. Victoria White (journalist), Fiona McLoughlin (Law Lecturer) and Karl Deeter (Irish Mortgage Brokers) were on with the presenter Sarah Carey. Due to the level of Garth Brooks news of late Karl also played a folk song as part of the #dublingoescountry thingy.

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Talking Point with Sarah Carey: the role of unions, joined by John Moynes, Gerald Flynn & Karl Deeter

I had the pleasure (and it was fun I admit) of joining Sarah Carey on talking point on Saturday. The thrust of the show was about unions (or ‘labour price fixing cartels’ as I like to call them) and their general role in a modern economy. I did try to make some fairly polarised anti-union arguments, but in truth there are always nuances and they get brushed over in any debate even when you don’t try to take a one sided approach.

The pro’s and con’s of unions are many, and some were learned first hand (I mentioned a few of them). Sarah presided well over the shower of troublemakers lovingly called ‘the panel’. John Moynes and Gerald Flynn also did a fine job of justifying the necessity for labour unions in the workplace, they even managed to do it without getting angry at me and I did try to give them every opportunity.

A special hats off to …

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Newstalk: Talking point with Sarah Carey on big data and data snooping

Sarah Carey was joined by Eoin O’Dell (barrister), Ossian Smyth of TCD (and Greenparty spokesperson) and Karl Deeter from Irish Mortgage Brokers. The topic was data, and how governments use it, most importantly is it an invasion of your civil liberties? The debate covered some really interesting ground and Sarah’s blog after the show can be found here.

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