Newstalk Breakfast interview Irish Mortgage Brokers

We were pleased to be part of an interview by Newstalk featuring Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers and Ross Maguire (SC) of New Beginnings.

The conversation was around the newly published Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) consultation on the Irish Mortgage Market.

Our general view (tl;dr) is that competition alone cannot explain the issues inherent in the Irish mortgage market, that there are many other forces at play.

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Irish Mortgage Brokers Oireachtas appearance discussed on RTE Radio 1

Our appearance at the Oireachtas finance committee was discussed on RTE Radio 1 on the day, it was about the proposal for mortgage lending caps. The meeting in question took about three hours but the clip the journalist chose was a very good reflection of our general position.

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TV3: Tonight with Ivan Yates on the Mortgage Report of the Finance Committee

We were happy to take part in the Tonight show on TV3, we looked at some of the issues that politicians and regulators can generally get vocal about.

The issues of social housing failure and keeping people with wealth in houses were two main points, as well as that of the unfairness of people who borrow getting access to social housing ahead of the people who were poor all along.

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