Renting Becoming Impossible

Renting in Ireland is an extraordinary and surprisingly busy sector to be involved in.  A sector that is shrinking at an exceptional rate. But only by individual growing…not by choice.

Recent surveys actually show that the number of available rental properties are at the lowest they have been in recorded history, while at the same time, less than one-third of people renting their homes are renting by choice.

The majority of individuals in rental properties are in it because they either can not afford the mortgage on available homes or have been denied social housing.

Renting is at best, the third choice.

The burden on individuals and families of paying rent also causes for a demanding financial pressure to be put on these renters as ⅓-½ of their paycheck is often seen taken by rent expenses.

Making it a difficulty for individuals to even get into the renting sector as a large portion of their income will essentially be given up.

However, it’s even increasingly difficult for someone looking to branch out of the renting sector to save the allocated …

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Primetime: Tanya Sillem looks at the rental market

Tanya Sillem of PrimeTime looked at the rental market and how many people are facing difficult increases in rental prices. Lorcan Sirr of DIT commented as did Threshold.

A key focus was the story of one Dublin mother of three who lost her home when faced with a large increase in rental cost, in our mind this highlights bad housing policy and an absence of supply of suitable accommodation.

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