Energia continues to invest in Ireland

Energia, a Dublin based energy company, parented by the Viridian Group, has recently announced that it will be investing €3 billion in Irish renewable energy over the next five years. These figures show promise of the creation of 200 more jobs directly within the organization. Additionally, there is likely to be a creation of between 3,000 and 5,000 construction jobs, given the sheer amount of huge projects that will soon be under way. 

Many of the promised projects include a focus on the creation of renewable energy. This goes hand in hand with the Irish government’s plans to increase the country’s consumption of renewable energy by making it the most accessible and cost efficient type of electricity generator. The government hopes to increase renewable energy in the electricity market from 30 to 70pc by the year 2020, according to the Climate Action Plan. 

The creation of onshore and offshore wind farms, solar power, hydrogen fuel generation, bio-energy facilities and the smart grid are all huge factors steps towards the fulfillment of this governmental initiative.  

What is most interesting about this …

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Saving Private Reilly – windfarm start up has it right

Today driving into work I was pleasantly surprised to hear a spokesperson say on the radio that a community wind farm in Clare is doing it ‘to find their own answers and solutions’, long being an advocate of less government and specifically less government control unless required, it was truly heart-warming to know that people are not relying on the state to solve their problems, at least not in West Clare they aren’t anyway!

The new wind farm is coming about due to the co-operation of 30 farming families, it will give a dividend back to the local parish (for interesting insight into socialised public rent read up about Alaska’s citizen dividend) meaning that there will be benefit directly for the people affected. Private solutions are the best solutions in my opinion, the state has had virtually no role in this project (other than granting planning permission) and it is proof that people, indeed whole communities, parishes, and counties, know best …

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