New Offers for Social Housing at Staggering Prices

A developer by the name of Pat Crean has offered 36 apartment for social housing to a local Dublin authority. Pat Crean’s Marlet development group offered to construct the apartments for the Dundrum area of Dublin. The Marlet group comprises of one of two fast-track housing applications for the Dundrum area of Dublin. The other part of the fast track housing application is formed by the Crekav Trading GP. Crekav Trading GP has proposed to sell 25 apartments from its overall planned 253 apartments in Greenacres, Longacre and Drumahill house. These 25 apartments have an estimated cost of €8.346 million.

The 36 apartments have been estimated at a cost to construct of €11.8 million. Meaning that on average the cost per apartment amounts to €327,888. In comparison, the Crekav trading GP’s 25 apartments have an average cost of €333,840.

The median home value in the Republic equates to €237,000. In comparison to the united states the median home value is $226,800. Adjusted to euros the median cost of a home in the US amounts to only €200,363.09. While the average price per …

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An interesting video on the jobs (debt) you’ll create!

One of the great things about the internet is the democratization of opinion (it is perhaps also the downside!), and this piece is an interesting one that one looks at the distortion of certain activities in the area of job creation.

Doing so in a quasi ‘Cat in the Hat’ style, agree or not I have to admire the creative approach towards explaining political/economic dilemmas.

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The Rahn Curve – shows the ideal level of Government

In this clip Dan Mitchell of The Centre for Freedom and Prosperity talks about the Rahn Curve, and it is the spending equivalent of the Laffer curve (which is about taxation). If government gets too big it can have the effect of reducing prosperity, figuring out the ideal level is difficult as many affecting factors come into play, however, the ideal tends to be between 15% & 25%, in the USA current spending is c. 40% – so will it be any surprise to see crowding out or reduced productive sector activity?

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Too many Bureaucrats? Is the Public Sector costing too much?

This is a video by my friend Dan Mitchell from the Cato Institute and the Centre for Freedom and Prosperity. While it may be primarily about the USA the concepts hold in Ireland. For instance, there are people in the OPW who are given a house on-site as part of their job and yet they still receive a travel allowance! It would be laughable if it wasn’t real. Dan spells out the downsides and you can’t easily dispute the numbers – if we were to do a similar analysis in Ireland would we find similar results?

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