Politics in the area of Wesel, Germany

In Germany the politics are very strong organised and precisely regulated, controlled and defined. For everything there is a rule, regulation or fixed procedure which is always regulated in the respective public law. Sometimes there is the possibility to decide something yourself and only if the law is not clearly defined or says that you can act at your own discretion (that is not defined in the law, you have to know the meaning of the expressions to understand what you are allowed to do).The politics in Germany have several levels with different degrees of power. There is always more than one institution that works together and all relations of them are regulated.

If we look at the smallest level, there is the politic of the city. There are different parts which must work together. All of them are included in the local government. The mayor in a city is one of the highest ranking and the head of the administration. He has to do many important decisions. He works closely with the city council, because he can not decide …

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The local government in Wesel, Germany

In Germany every city has its own local government. Their customers are mainly the inhabitants of the respective city. The city administration is divided into several fields of activity. There is no default how to organise or divide the several fields of activity or the different areas. That is the reason why each local government is different from the others. Only a few things are the same, for example the tasks and the inhabitants as costumers, but the organisation inside of the local government is only similar to the others.

The city administration in Wesel is divided into four departments. The heads of the departments together form the administrative board of the city administration. This board is responsible, for example, for the planning of administrative tasks and fundamental decisions on organisation and personnel management.

The first department is headed by the mayoress Ulrike Westkamp and is divided into one specialist area it named city development. This is also divided into five teams with different tasks. There are for example the teams property management, traffic planning and road construction, basic spatial …

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Budget night 2015: Vincent Browne’s ‘Tonight’ show on TV3

On the night of Budget 2015 we were asked to participate in a large panel discussion on Vincent Browne’s ‘Tonight’ show. We tried to make the point that the budget was not one that should have people too disappointed, it was the first time in years that anything came back to tax payers rather than taking more (apart from the better paid who now have a super USC rate).

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Obama wins Iowa caucus.

I take an active interest in American politics, and their economy, because so much of what happens there affects us and because I’m half American too. Born in Los Angeles and lived here and there including three years in Chicago which is where I first heard of Barack Obama, an inspirational and highly intelligent politician.

It is on the basis that several months ago I made the first political donation of my life, and it was to his campaign. Naturally I was absolutely delighted to see him win the Iowa caucus. The Iowa caucus is considered to be an early indicator of who will gain the nomination of their political party. Sometimes the losers win out, Bill Clinton (my favourite president since George Washington) only got 2% in the Iowa caucus in 1992.

However, only once since 1974 has the winner of the Iowa caucus actually won the election and that was George Bush, although he didn’t really win the election so I don’t know if it counts or not. Hopefully the next president won’t be a half-witted hillbilly …

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