Dear Budget 2010… Do your best.

I just got out of a taxi on what is a dreary raining budget day and on the radio literally every station was obsessing over the collective kicking we are all about to get and I decided that no matter what the comes our way, I for one, will find a way to get over it…. Somehow.

Dear Budget 2010,

I don’t really care any more whether you get it wrong or right, I’m not concerned with ‘fairness’, that concept went out of fashion with our leaders many years ago. I do have a genuine concern for all human suffering, but not solely specific to Ireland and how our taxes are run or not run, specific to the cause of people everywhere, in particular those in countries where there is war, or people are starving, in our own country I fear most for our children, but the truth is that no matter how bad it gets here that we are still better off than most of the world.

I have sat and watched my industry contract, quite painfully, the commissions …

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