New world currency, Euro hegemony in the future?

A commentator talks about the euro, dismissing euroskeptics and euro bashers, arguing that it will be (perhaps) the new world currency? Could be possible, but first we have to work our way through the Eastern economy issues (in the West Ireland is the way down), but that is likely to happen, and the euro will survive and prosper. The ECB can be bashed for not acting quickly enough etc. but the reality is that we shouldn’t face the problems down the road that the US and UK will face, Euro bonds are not failing at least [yet]. A prominent economist I had lunch with said he felt our drop in GDP would be closer to 12% than 10%, the same guy told me last September that rates would be 1% by Summer 09′ and I laughed at him! Let’s hope get is fallable at least some of the time.

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A Repossession Guide for Irish Homeowners

We have written ‘A Repossession Guide for Irish Homeowners’ which you can download by clicking on the picture to the left.

The guide is there give people an understanding of the arrears & repossession process, and what you can do to help yourself.

We hope you find this useful, if there are other things that you feel should be included then leave a comment to that effect so that we can develop and improve this tool for people in difficulty.

This is part of an industry-oriented solutions based approach, we don’t intend to ever sell this document or control distribution of it, reproduce it, forward it, print it out and give it to somebody you know who might be in difficulty, our sole hope is that this may bring some degree of help to those most in need of it.

Sincerly, Karl Deeter, Irish Mortgage Brokers.

[This document is a pdf you will need to have adobe reader installed to view it, you can get Adobe Reader by clicking on the image …

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Financial road maps

Having a plan is important in many areas of life, I would feel it is vital in personal finance, yet a surprising amount of people totally fail on this matter and go through life in an ad hoc manner and they are often wondering why some people seem to do better even though they don’t earn as much as they do. Animals in the forest don’t worry about finance, they do worry about food though, hence they gather for winter, squirrels have figured this out so it is disappointing, given the superiority of human intellect, that many private individuals have not planned for an ‘economic’ winter.

A simple method is a budget, it can be complex or it can be crude but in either case having a crude one is better than having none. Sometimes this is worked out using percentages, for instance:

After tax income x 60% = all expenses (mortgages, bills, food, entertainment etc.)

After tax income x 10% = discretionary expenses (something you may have buy from time to time)

After tax …

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How to get a Mortgage, getting a mortgage is easy…

If you want to get a mortgage the process is fairly simple, it’s a big undertaking for certain but that doesn’t mean that everything surrounding it is overly complex. A mortgage is a security backed loan, this means that there is some actual asset that a lender has a lien on (lien: this term means ‘ownership of’ so if a lender has a lein on your property in the form of a mortgage then they own the property ahead of you owning it until you pay them off) and its generally called ‘the security’ or just the ‘property’.

The biggest concern for any bank or building society when considering a mortgage is the clients ability to pay back the loan, this is sometimes referred to as ‘repayment capacity’, or if you want the hardcore underwriting terminology its the ‘debt service ratio’ and its normally a calculation that decides numerically if a person has the ability to service a loan obligation. There are different ways of doing this, some banks use a multiplier, for instance: you can borrow four times your …

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Things can only get better

Don’t be too unhappy, because although January was the worst stock market since the January of 1990, the S&P was down by 6.1% and the MSCI world index said goodbye to 7.7% of its value, markets in India and China are down (at one stage India actually had to suspend trading on their market), despite all of these things the good news is that bad times don’t last forever.

Market commentators sometimes remind me of psycho ex-girlfriends who just can’t let go, (if you want to see one of the old Internet comic phenomenons type ‘psycho ex-girlfriend into your search engine) they are the type where by the time they realise whats happened its like the whole world is falling and its never going to get any better, they’ll NEVER love anybody again! Keep the faith.

Around the world the reaction was indeed just that, a reaction, it was reactive to results and not pro-active. The fed held an emergency meeting and slashed 75 basis points off rates and then at a regular meeting they cut another 50 basis points. …

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