The Scott Williams show Financial Advice Clinic (3rd August 2011)

If you were listening to the Scott Williams Show on Q102 and heard Karl Deeter talking about personal finance then you may have wanted some of the documents he mentioned on the show so we put them all here for you!

First of all we have the quick introduction to the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process or MARP (click on the image below)

The other document is the actual full code of the CCMA which you can get by clicking the image below.

And lastly we have the FLAC guide to the CCMA which is well put together and easy to read (click the image)

For any other questions on your personal finances you can give a call to 016790990 or email us via the enquiry section on our homepage (the purple box area)

And the special surprise! For all of the Q102 listeners…. Just click on Scott’s head and you’ll get …

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