Housing market equilibrium missing it’s mark

According to the most recent Real Estate Alliance house price survey, Dublin’s property prices have decreased by €7500 in the last quarter. Additionally, the price of a three-bedroom semi-detached home on average has decreased by 1.7% since the end of December 2018.

Although these numbers seem to be a sign of positive economic advancements, there are a multitude of barriers that keep the people of Dublin from having a choice in regards to their current living situation.

One of the largest obstructions for both home buyers and banks is the ominous outlook of the Irish economy post-Brexit. Without a clear idea about how the UK’s secession from the EU will affect the Irish Market, banks and buyers alike are being cautious of how and when they give out their money.

For the most part, housing purchases below €350,000 have still been steadily occurring due to affordability of loans and sheer price of the home. This combination allows for increased certainty for banks that their consumer will be able to repay their monthly balance across the term of …

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How to get a mortgage, simple and easy steps to getting a mortgage

Mortgages scare some people and if you are reading this because you are considering a mortgage then hopefully it will help you realise that while buying a property is a big undertaking, getting a mortgage doesn’t need to be. In this article there are some questions, answers, and a few general tips to bear in mind.

Which is better, a bank or a broker? Obviously I have a bias towards brokers, a good brokerage with at least 12 agencies will be able to give you a huge selection of choice across the market and explain the pro’s and con’s of each loan that may suit you. A bank on the other hand will give you a choice of only their own products, as I always say ‘has your bank ever sent you down the road to a different institution’? If the answer is ‘no’ then you get the picture, independent choice is what brokers are for. However, if you are comfortable going direct then brokers may not be the answer for you, currently 60% of the market for residential mortgages …

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