Morning Ireland: The issue with rent receivers

We spoke to Cathal Mac Coille on Morning Ireland about the issue of tenants who are affected by rent receivers. This is something we have covered before on the site and the issues are not easily resolved.

Receivers fundamentally change the dynamic of a tenancy and it often means people have to move out, lose their security deposit and face a market with reduced supply and higher costs, not an enviable situation at all.

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Morning Ireland with Brian Finn, 15th August 2013

We spoke to Brian Finn of RTE Business News about some lenders offering more split mortgages, noting that it was because of GE taking write downs and selling loan books at a loss that Pepper were able to do this while native Irish banks could not.

The area of regulation of debt managers is also a new concern and a contentious topic, the Central Bank are going to push through legislation (frankly we don’t believe there will be any changes no matter the responses to their ‘consultation’) which will embed cost into the system and won’t protect consumers any more than they already are protected.

Last of all we mentioned the Kilkenny Trust and why people need to think twice before hoping it works.

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