The Great Depression of 1920? Yep, you never heard of it….

This video is a fascinating take on monetary and fiscal policy which is contrary to the increasingly popular Keynesian solutions being put forward today. It advances the virtues of Austrian Economics, which is viewed by many as being a fringe economical school which lacks practical application. Admittedly many of the Austrian ideals would be totally unpalatable to general society, but it is important for the sake of balance to consider the views of the counter movement and not to discount it without due regard or rigour.

Thomas E. Woods has presented us with the idea that doing nothing in a financial crisis is what is required to allow an economy to heal itself, a view shared by many modern day commentators such as Jim Rogers. There is a middle ground somewhere between the hypothesis of Krugman and Mises but for now the debate rages on.

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Daniel J. Mitchell discusses Taxes on MSNBC

Daniel J. Mitchell talks taxes on MSNBC, Daniel is from the Cato Institute which is a conservative/libertarian institute, the points raised however, are valid in some cases and opinion oriented in others, talking about ‘European Stagnation’ for instance ignores some of the ‘European benefits’ which our citizens enjoy such as (generally) a more inclusive healthcare system and social welfare system.

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