Goodbye Mervyn Percival.

Mervyn Percival passed away just before Christmas. He was the Chairman and founder of Cornmarket, one of the countries leading Brokerages and a powerhouse in the market which he built from nothing.

I met Mervyn at a barbeque in St. Andrews in Malahide about five years ago, and it was in speaking to him that I was first turned onto brokerage as opposed to direct sales which is what I had done up until that point. He was part of the inspiration for me in being part of a start up brokerage, and my own father (r.i.p.) also cited him as one of the main success stories of people he knew in the finance game.

His funeral packed the church and the crowds were out the door of St. Andrews and almost onto the road, he was obviosly a hugely popular man and will be sorely missed by many, of the attendees that I knew there were many locals as well as a veritable who’s who in the financial industry with CEO’s of companies like PermanentTsb showing their respect to …

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