TodayFM: Matt Cooper, Last Word & Irish Mortgage Brokers on Budget 2015

Matt Cooper had Karl Deeter on his show to discuss some of the changes in Budget 2015 and how they affect the property market and people looking to buy a home.


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TodayFM: Matt Cooper speaks to Irish Mortgage Brokers

On Today FM’s ‘last word’ show with Matt Cooper we were asked to discuss the issue of mortgages being capped for the loan to vlaue and the loan to income.

Robbie Kelleher of Davy Stockbrokers was also present and he presented some thoughts on why it was a good idea while Karl Deeter agreed that prudence is necessary but that there are better ways to achieve it than via a blunt policy instrument that will hurt about two thirds of first time buyers.

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Today FM: The Last Word on mortgages

Matt Cooper from ‘The Last Word’ had Charlie Weston (Irish Independent) on his show along with Karl Deeter to discuss mortgages, loan rates and some of the developments that are starting to happen in the marketplace.

Some of the main points of interest were that switching is available again, rates are likely to lower and that some lenders are coming out with longer term fixed rates.

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TodayFM: The Last Word, Can you raise kids in an apartment?

Matt Cooper had Yvonne Hogan from the Independent and Karl Deeter on to talk about apartment living and whether or not it was something that was going to work in Ireland as well as some of the issues in learning to live in a high density environment.

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The Last Word with Matt Cooper – talking property tax

On the 7th we were asked to speak with Matt Cooper about the local property tax figures which showed that 25% of properties in Ireland are worth less (at least on a tax submissions basis) than €100,000.

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