Talking Money: How to organise a long term lease

This week on Drivetime’s ‘Talking Money’ we discussed the idea of long term leases and how to negotiate them. There is an issue in Ireland that many people don’t consider long leases because deep down they are a latent buyer who hasn’t gotten out yet. Equally landlords may feel they miss out on price moves that may benefit them, or that there is some kind of legal commitment that outstrips the Part IV tenancy which exists after 6 months (it doesn’t).

Longer leases equate to more sustainable cashflows and better predictability of the income streams from the asset, they are an example of a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties.

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Talking Money, on ‘Peer to Peer’ lending, RTE Radio 1, 28th July 2014

On this week’s installment of ‘Talking Money’ on RTE’s ‘Drivetime’ show we looked at ‘Peer to Peer’ lending (also abbreviated as P2P).

There are downsides and upsides to it so we thought it would be worth fleshing that out, Audrey Carville who was the presenter on the day even started off with an interesting factoid that neither Jill nor Karl knew about!

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Talking Money on RTE Drivetime: Keeping up insurances

This week on ‘Talking Money’ which is on RTE’s Drivetime Mondays at 18:15 we covered the issue of mortgage arrears and how it impacts on insurance, in particular life cover.

The problem we see time and again is that people cancel their life insurance to save money and that is false economy, or worse, they took out cover with the bank and it’s tied to the mortgage payment so that when you miss one you miss the other, this is a mistake and we set out what you have to do to fix it.

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Talking Money on ‘savings’

On this weeks ‘Talking Money’ which is a regular contribution to RTE’s Drivetime we covered the topic of savings rates. Last week we looked at what low rates does to debt (makes it more manageable), the flip-side to that coin is the savers market and now savers are stuck looking for a return that isn’t forthcoming from deposit rates. So how do you outperform? We had a few ideas, but the news is always the same, you have to take on risk to get higher return.

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RTE Drivetime: ECB rate changes analysed with Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson spoke with us about the two changes in the ECB rate policy, the first being negative interest rates on overnight deposits for banks and the other being the rate cut.

The changes brought deposit rates from 0.0% to -0.1% and the base rate of interest from 0.25% to 0.15%.

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RTE Drivetime: Mary Wilson speaks to Irish Mortgage Brokers

Mary Wilson spoke to Karl Deeter about some of the housing issues being faced by the country on RTE’s Drivetime. The point was made that lowering cost is a better idea than ramping up credit.

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Drivetime RTE: Adam Maguire covers our Buy to Let research

Adam Maguire mentioned the research we did with Brian Lucey and Marie Hunt. The main points considered are why people don’t sell loss making properties?

There are complex decisions and emotions behind this and our research was only the tip of the iceberg (although the first of it’s type in Ireland). 

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RTE Drivetime – the IBF property market report, 28th May 2013

We were asked to speak to Mary Wilson about the IBF property report on RTE Drivetime. There was a view given earlier in the day that the month on month increase in applications was a positive thing, we chose to look at year on year figures which tell an entirely different story. And while lending is down 26%, drawdowns down over 18%, transactions are up over 14%.

To us this is indicative of a market where credit is not functioning in it’s natural role, price is not the issue, it’s scarcity which is the problem.

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