Engineers Ireland Reports on Ireland’s Infrastructure

Engineers Ireland published a report on the condition of Irish Housing and its infrastructures. The findings indicated a lot of trouble down the road if steps were not taken. 52% of the engineers that were polled gave Ireland’s infrastructure a D rating and cited a concern and need for immediate action. Engineers Ireland predicts that over 600,000 people in Ireland are living in unsuitable houses with conditions that include; leaks or damp structure and rotting.

To put into words the current crisis that Ireland is facing, Director general for Engineer Islands, Caroline Spillane said, “We, like many others, are seriously concerned about Ireland’s housing. Immediate actions are needed to overcome challenges in the capacity, condition, and connectivity of our housing stock.” The government has created different projects and organizations to address these issues, but statistical evidence is showing that not enough improvements are being made. Engineers Ireland provides many more solutions to addressing the outdated infrastructure in Ireland.

The first advice that is offered is “focus on retrofitting Ireland’s existing housing stock.” The government has pledged to upgrade 500,000 homes …

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