Brexit and Help-to-Buy Scheme Provide Uncertainty

Boris Johnson has recently been elected Prime Minister and uncertainties surrounding Brexit are back on the minds of Irish people. The likelihood of there being a no-deal Brexit is strong and the Irish housing market needs to be ready for the consequences. Also, the uncertainty surrounding whether the help-to-buy scheme will be continued or not will have a strong effect on the housing market. The Irish housing market for the rest of this year will depend strongly on the outcomes of the two events listed above.

Lisney published a report recently focusing on the upward trend in the Cork house and construction sectors. Lisney cited Brexit and help-to-buy scheme as two possibilities that may negatively affect the Cork market. Lisney investigated 41 new home schemes being constructed in the Cork area which totals 2,640 units. The help-to-buy scheme is what’s keeping first time buyers able to purchase a home and if this is taken away the number of people seeking homes will decrease. New home sales contribute to approximately 15% of sales in Cork over the last couple of quarters …

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Lisney: What next for housing in Dublin? November 12th 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Lisney will be hosting a conference called ‘what next for housing in Dublin’ on the 12th of November, places are limited to c.400 ppl and we have five tickets to give away to people who are interested. To get one just email in to info(at)mortgagebrokers(dot)ie giving your name, postal address and phone number (we need that to do your booking) and obviously ensure that you are free to attend that day!

We’ll be speaking at the event – every conference has to have a low point! Other speakers include Rossa White, Chief Economist at the NTMA. James Pike, Architect and future community planning activist. Aoife Brennan, director and researcher at Lisney and their MD James Nugent.

There will also be a few special announcements made on the day which I am not privy to myself so am as much in the dark as the next person.

It’s sure to be an interesting event, we are happy to bring a few guests so mail in if you’d like to attend.


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