The Crisis of Capitalism

Marxism is a farce, but this video is still pretty good in my opinion because it taps into the mega-trend which I believe in whereby wages stopped rising in the 70’s, money supply increased, credit replaced income, and life was kept affordable by getting cheap products made overseas which all lead up to the macro-imbalances of today. Of course, it isn’t that simple but those could be chapter titles.

In this video the call society to becoming ‘anti-capitalist’ is not backed up by anything of substance, the solution in capitalism for excessive control of capital already exists, its called ‘taxation’.

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Dan Mitchell of Cato

Dan Mitchell of Cato (and the Centre for Freedom and Prosperity) is a guy I enjoy speaking and listening to as well, he is a great Libertarian thinker and regular commentator on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN and Fox News. Here are two of his latest video’s, the first is on debt and the second is about money laundering laws.

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The effect of Government spending on economic growth

This is an interesting video and well worth a listen, the video that Dan is referring to in the first one is the one posted below. He talks about the ‘Rahn Curve’ which is a ‘Government spending effect’ version of the Laffer Curve. The argument for smaller government is massive, in Ireland we have almost a fifth of the workforce either directly or indirectly employed totally by the state.

Extraction cost is something that we could do well to begin to come to grips with in Ireland, the autopilot answer we often hear about the ‘government needs to fix this’ should be more carefully considered, because the state is happy to step in (for the most part) but at what price?

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