Salman Khan, internet hero

One person who is a personal hero for me is a guy named Salman Khan, he started a youtube project called the ‘Khan Academy’, when he was working as a hedge fund analyst. He made videos on mathematics for his cousins who lived in a different state.

Now it is the one of the largest internet resources for education, his plain English explanations are exactly the kind of thing that people latch on to and can understand. We’ve been watching his videos for several years having been fortunate enough to find him early on.

The internet, and the world should be grateful for people like Salman Khan. Great work and well done.

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Geithner plan, re-explained by Khan Academy

Another video from the Khan Academy, talking about the working reality of the Geithner Plan. Really it seems that the plans sole purpose is to allow investors to use taxpayer money to buy assets with all upside and little or no downside by using a credit default swap to insure the deal. Even a zero return isn’t to be balked at when investing during a period of deflation, the way it’s described here puts it out in plain english.

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Renting vs Buying a Home

This is an interesting two part video, it was first published in early 2008, before the property crisis really got into full swing, this video should help anybody understand some of the reasons for renting being better than buying. This is an Amercian video so there are things such as property tax which we don’t have in Ireland (annually, some people still pay a front loaded property tax called ‘Stamp Duty’), but the rational remains the same, you need to do your sums

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