RTE Drivetime: Talking Money on property investing

We were discussing property investment on this weeks ‘Talking¬† Money’ on RTE’s Drivetime. A few things we focused on was that knowing yield and understanding the risk involved.

One point that should be made is that it’s always a bad idea to put all of your money into any asset, be it property, stocks or otherwise, diversification offers a better protection from volatility.

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Talking Money on RTE Drivetime: Keeping up insurances

This week on ‘Talking Money’ which is on RTE’s Drivetime Mondays at 18:15 we covered the issue of mortgage arrears and how it impacts on insurance, in particular life cover.

The problem we see time and again is that people cancel their life insurance to save money and that is false economy, or worse, they took out cover with the bank and it’s tied to the mortgage payment so that when you miss one you miss the other, this is a mistake and we set out what you have to do to fix it.

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Talking Money on ‘savings’

On this weeks ‘Talking Money’ which is a regular contribution to RTE’s Drivetime we covered the topic of savings rates. Last week we looked at what low rates does to debt (makes it more manageable), the flip-side to that coin is the savers market and now savers are stuck looking for a return that isn’t forthcoming from deposit rates. So how do you outperform? We had a few ideas, but the news is always the same, you have to take on risk to get higher return.

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RTE Drivetime: Talking Money with Karl Deeter & Jill Kerby

We started off our ‘Talking Money’ series with RTE’s Drivetime (tune in Monday’s at 18:15!) with a talk about the effects of overpaying debt, in particular mortgages.

Paying off debt can often be better than savings because of the difference between the effect debt has on your wealth versus the effect of earned interest on savings. We covered all the bases and tried to explain it in plain English.

We hope you enjoy the weekly pieces which will run through the summer, and don’t forget to write down the hot tip we have each week!

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Sunday Times: Beat the Zombie Banks

The Sunday Times had an interesting article by Niall Brady which was pointing out the arbitrage that the consumer could have between retail institutions, by that we mean you could borrow at one rate which is cheaper than the rate you could earn interest at.

This kind of thing would never happen in a traded market because it would be closed down by practising traders, however, in the retail finance channel it can exist due to consumer inertia and the low level of profit that can be exercised in this manner.

It is however an interesting take on the market and the kind of unusual angle we love to see coming to press, (we should also point out that our firm got a mention in the process!).

The situation that currently exists is one whereby a person can borrow (for instance from AIB on a 2yr fixed rate mortgage) at a price which is below the return on another asset, the thing that wasn’t …

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