RTE ‘Talking Money’ with Karl Deeter & Jill Kerby, ‘the fantasy budget’

It was budget week and on ‘Talking Money’ we came up with a ‘fantasy budget’ which considered some of the things we might do if budgetary powers were in our hands. Some are far out, others are novel, some (like car tax abolition) are pragmatic, you can decide for yourself what you think!

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RTE Drivetime: Talking Money – water charges and the cost of avoiding them

This week on Drivetime’s ‘Talking Money’ we were discussing water charges, the prices have been published today, we were working on the only indicative price available before this which was published by the Commission for Energy Regulation.

The politics of this weren’t considered, we just looked at costs and the alternative costs of substitution by digging wells, rain water harvesting or the use of septic tanks. The findings show that water is fairly cheap compared to the cost of getting it by your own means.

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RTE Drivetime: ‘Talking Money’ on the best saving tips

This week on Drivetime’s ‘Talking Money’ we looked at ways to take the maximum money saving ideas and put them to use in your own day to day life. Some are well known, others are not, but we are hopeful that there was something for everybody!

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RTE Drivetime: ‘Talking Money’ to buy or not to buy a property?

This week on RTE Radio 1’s ‘Drivetime’ our regular Monday edition of ‘Talking Money’ covered the issue of buying a home. Many first time buyers are starting to feel pushed into the home buyer cohort when they have other options such as renting or buying in a cheaper area, this can make a huge difference and we outlined some of the costs and concerns.

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Drivetime RTE: ‘Talking Money’ on the price of education

This week on ‘Talking Money’ we looked at the ‘cost’ of education. I sometimes say ‘if you think education is expensive try ignorance’ but that doesn’t mean you have to opt for an expensive education. There are trade and professional apprenticeships and other routes to getting highly skilled, and going to university for a lot of people is not the best use of their time, we tried to articulate that while acknowledging the validity and importance of third and fourth level education.

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Talking Money: How to organise a long term lease

This week on Drivetime’s ‘Talking Money’ we discussed the idea of long term leases and how to negotiate them. There is an issue in Ireland that many people don’t consider long leases because deep down they are a latent buyer who hasn’t gotten out yet. Equally landlords may feel they miss out on price moves that may benefit them, or that there is some kind of legal commitment that outstrips the Part IV tenancy which exists after 6 months (it doesn’t).

Longer leases equate to more sustainable cashflows and better predictability of the income streams from the asset, they are an example of a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties.

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Talking Money, on ‘Peer to Peer’ lending, RTE Radio 1, 28th July 2014

On this week’s installment of ‘Talking Money’ on RTE’s ‘Drivetime’ show we looked at ‘Peer to Peer’ lending (also abbreviated as P2P).

There are downsides and upsides to it so we thought it would be worth fleshing that out, Audrey Carville who was the presenter on the day even started off with an interesting factoid that neither Jill nor Karl knew about!

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RTE Talking Money with Jill Kerby & Karl Deeter on Stockbrokers

This week we were discussing stockbrokers on Talking Money which runs every Monday on RTE’s Drivetime show at about 18:15.

We looked at the advice, the costs and some of the other things people need to consider when they are looking to invest.

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RTE Drivetime: Talking Money on health insurance

This week on Drivetime’s ‘Talking Money’ Jill Kerby and Karl Deeter discussed some of the issues surrounding health insurance, the implications of community ratings and how the market is set to change in coming years.

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