Are repossessions good or evil?

There tends to be two views on repossessing family homes, the first is that it is wrong, that doing this is committing an act which is immoral and putting a family who are often victims of circumstance into an even worse position than that which they currently hold.

The other is that it is reality, not one to be ignored, and that avoiding it doesn’t change outcomes. The recent news that the Secretary General of Finance himself believes that ‘home owners cannot expect to stay in houses where they have no prospect of paying the mortgage’ is telling, we are at a stage we have been saying is going to come for several years; where repossessions start to kick-in in earnest.

The Justice Dunne ruling and CCMA have all had a role to play, as have our zombie banks attitude towards forbearance which is not out of altruism but out of a view that the longer they wait the better they are equipped to deal with the problem.

Thus far the debate …

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