What next for Europe?

The Euro rose against the dollar as the Fed introduced quantitative easing, this will be furthered by the new TARP programme due to be released later today, Bank of England are also engaging in quantitative easing along with a near zero interest rate policy – one matched by both the USA and Japan.

So what will be the outcome for Europe? Essentially we will be forced to follow suit, rates will have to drop further and we will need to pursue in quantitative easing – via bond/paper purchases or otherwise. Why? Simply put, we cannot stand as an island in the global economy, we can’t stand as a continent when every other major economy is going to zero and going through what amounts to devaluation with increased money supply.

If the Euro rises too far against the Dollar or Sterling it will make exporting difficult (we’ll leave Ireland’s plight with Sterling zone exporters out of this …

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US fed will inject $200 billion in cash in an effort to end the credit crunch

The United States Federal Reserve have announced that they will give a $200 billion dollar cash injection to ease the tensions in the credit market that are threatening to stall the wider US economy. They will buy mortgage backed security in return for cash and that will hopefully free up the credit markets and lending. Does that mean the Fed is taking on the risk the banks created? In a nutshell, yes, it does mean that, they are going to accept mortgage backed bonds from banks that were finding it hard to raise cash through the normal channels. So these institutions are not good enough for the market but they’ll do for the Fed.

The banks and financial institutions have taken a beating due to the credit crunch but it seems now that the fed is willing to stand up and be hit on behalf of the banks, so its like a guy who steps in to break up a fight and he turns out to be …

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Stepstone Mortgages, Another Irish Sub Prime lender bites the bullet.

When IIB launched their sub-prime lender ‘Stepstone’ the plan was for them to be the inverse of what The Monkeys sang about, they would be your ‘stepping stone’ towards financial stability, they looked specifically at clients who were recently self employed and therefore wouldn’t have 3 years of accounts, people who wanted to refinance who may have had arrears, and other standard specialist lending clients.

Now Stepstonehave joined the slowly (but disturbing) list of Irish Banks to close their doors for business. This means that the Irish financial industry will have to face up to the reality of unsteady world money markets in an ever more local perspective, it’s no longer happening ‘over there in the US’ or ‘across the water’ anywhere else, its up close and personal, especially for the people who were made redundant this week. I feel bad for them, they all did a great job and they were certainly not behind the decision to close up shop, it will also decrease competition in the industry as the number of …

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