Some thoughts on the HSE and access to healthcare.

There is one cure for scarcity: abundance. When there is a scarcity of any resource nothing brings down the price quicker than abundance. For that reason a glass of water in the middle of the desert will always cost more than one at our offices in Dublin 2, that is a law as bankable as gravity.

So when we hear that the ‘health system’ is incredibly expensive, then you have to look at what the costs are, and ideas that might help to reduce those costs.

In Ireland 30% of the population have a medical card, almost 1.4 million people in total, and this is costing 3.4bn per annum. Emergency rooms are crowded but 75% of Emergency Department attendances don’t require hospitalization.

At the same time 55,000 people are receiving ‘home help’ clocking up almost 12,700,000 combined work hours. Overall cost of the HSE is €13.7bn and there is an ongoing deficit of c. 1bn Euro to contend with as well.

Pay and pensions …

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