Talking with a strategic defaulter…

That strategic defaulters do or don’t is just a sideshow about quantifying their numbers, for several years we have been dealing with them on the advisory side of our company. Banks have large legal departments and teams chasing borrowers, and in turn the borrowers will from time to time hire their own professionals as a counterweight to the process, what you are about to read isn’t intended as justification, ethical reasoning or anything else, it’s just an insight into the thoughts of a strategic defaulter, why they did it and what has happened so far.

The person in question is a white collar professional and the director of a relatively well known company, she agreed to speak to us on the basis that we kept her identity private. She has a family home and six investment properties.

Karl: Did you make a concious decision to default on your loans? If so why?

Yes, because the bank were insisting I go on interest and capital repayments on the investment properties and the figures just wouldn’t add up so I chose to …

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Peer to peer lending, maybe there is an alternative to banks?

Have you ever lent a friend a tenner? If so you already understand ‘peer to peer‘ lending, this is where one person lends money to another person and there is no bank or other intermediary involved. Traditionally it has been a case of letting a person borrow some money until payday and then they’ll give it back to you, traditionally this was also an interest free proposition, not only because the amount of time the money spent borrowed was generally short term but also for cultural reasons, because lets be frank, if a mate asked for ‘interest’ on a loan for a week or two you’d think of them as an incurable scab.

The current liquidity crisis is hitting banks the hardest, this means that the very stalwarts of the financial world are the ones that don’t have the money to lend out, however, there are many individuals who do and this presents the opportunity for a market niche. The market has responded in the form of enabling technology which connect a borrower …

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