The bear market is bull

The current bear market was ‘seen coming’ by many commentators, the people who believed this have an agenda and reasons for their thinking just as much (although in equal and opposite directions) as ‘always upwards’ promoters have. In other words, trees don’t grow to the sky, but equally their roots don’t grow down the centre of the earth.

Daily on bloomberg, yahoo finance or tech-ticker, CNBC, CNN and other channels there is a select group of commentators who are building notoriety on the basis of having seen the ‘bubble forming’ and while I commend them on this, and have gained some great insight from many, there is a fly in the ointment, that of the unexpected, that of a market that always does what hurts the most people.

The point in this: The super-bears are (in my opinion) about as accurate as the super-bulls. I had an idea last week of deciding that I might start to say ‘we are going to see a recovery, we are going to see a serious market …

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Investment Ideas for 2008

If you are the type of investor who doesn’t get scared when there is a bit of a storm then there are some opportunities in 2008, an important thing to remember is that when money is lost there is an equal gain somewhere else, almost like that rule in physics, matter cannot be created or destroyed only turned from one form into another, for the sake of our example, money can change from one persons hand into another persons hand (unlike matter it can be created, the Fed,ECB, & BOE have proven that much in the last few weeks!).

Here are some of my picks:

1. Property: Even in a market where prices are falling there are deals to be found, the debt burden is going to push some people out and they may become motivated sellers, this means you can purchase well below the market value. Distressed debt and Vulture buying are not for the feint of heart but I absolutely guarantee that right now the billionaires of the late teens in real estate in the USA are the …

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