Some questions from Henry

Henry Silke a PhD candidate in the DCU school of communications emailed me some questions which he wanted my opinion on.

As we are always open to this kind if discourse we naturally agreed and decided to post them. You can check out Henry’s work at CriticalMediaReview to which he contributes, and where they do a good job of critiquing the culture, approach and methods of the media.

His questions are followed by my answers, I didn’t split them into the proper paragraphs as I thought I’d keep all of one persons thoughts to one section and the others to the other.

Q1: Do you conceptionalise housing as an exchange commodity or as fulfilling a social need, if both which role takes precedence?

A1: It’s both, like many physical things that are traded it has commodity like features but also provides for a social need, the same goes for foodstuff which is traded, it has a market and also provides things like soft commodities which then feed populations. In terms of what matters more its hard …

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