Tony Brabazon: Biologically inspired Algorithms

Tony Brabazon talks to CFA Ireland on Biological Algorithms from CFA Ireland on Vimeo.

Tony Brabazon spoke to CFA Ireland about Biological Algorithms and using patterns or approaches found in nature as a foundation for solving issues in other fields. This is a fascinating talk by a highly skilled and knowledgeable academic who is based in UCD.

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The video was shot by Karl Deeter with kind permission of CFA Ireland

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Financial Fragility and Corporate Governance in Ireland today

This is footage of a talk given by Prof. Stephen Kinsella of the Kemmy Business School in University of Limerick, about his thoughts on regulation, corporate governance, and the Minsky Hypothesis.

You can watch the whole playlist here. Or go to the Irish CFA channel on youtube and check out the follow on videos, there are six in total, the questions and answer section is particularly interesting to anybody who may have an interest in financial regulation and some of the pitfalls of it, Stephens thoughts are quite refreshing to the normal solutions you’ll hear (although I don’t agree with them all!).

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