Obama wins Iowa caucus.

I take an active interest in American politics, and their economy, because so much of what happens there affects us and because I’m half American too. Born in Los Angeles and lived here and there including three years in Chicago which is where I first heard of Barack Obama, an inspirational and highly intelligent politician.

It is on the basis that several months ago I made the first political donation of my life, and it was to his campaign. Naturally I was absolutely delighted to see him win the Iowa caucus. The Iowa caucus is considered to be an early indicator of who will gain the nomination of their political party. Sometimes the losers win out, Bill Clinton (my favourite president since George Washington) only got 2% in the Iowa caucus in 1992.

However, only once since 1974 has the winner of the Iowa caucus actually won the election and that was George Bush, although he didn’t really win the election so I don’t know if it counts or not. Hopefully the next president won’t be a half-witted hillbilly …

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