Online Mortgages for consumers and electronic documents.

The next phase of the Irish mortgage market, and certainly the Irish broker market is to overcome the intensive levels of paper creation and associated running costs, one UK based firm has come out stating that technology will be the key to the survival of the intermediary market.

Paper costs accrue to more than just the physical paper, the storage areas required to hold them, the additional stationary, photocopiers, and toner cartridges, paper also has a massive ‘human’ cost in terms of man hours. If the market was to gain efficiencies in document storage and movement then it would make sense that a document would only ever need to be copied once.

Currently a broker will obtain documents, copy them, verify them, and then send them on to a lender who will copy them once they witness that they have been verified and usually they will scan them in as well. This means that the broker copied them (and maybe scanned them), then the lender copies …

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Mortgages Online: Online or Internet Mortgages explained.

I heard countless anecdotes about online mortgages over the past few years and to be fair I felt that people were fundamentally right about things, that the mortgage market would go to the web to a large degree the way so many other things have.

Dunnes Stores strongest growth area is Internet shopping and I think Tesco would likely say its a big growth area as well, no need for retail space, people can browse as they see fit etc. so surely the same thing would happen across countless sectors? Right? Even finance?

Wrong… Well, not fully right anyways. If you look for an online-mortgage the likelihood is that you will be asked to fill in some information and ultimately a human being will still contact you and you will then send in documentation to them etc. it won’t be ‘online’ in the sense that buying a plane ticket is ‘online’ (i.e.: zero requirement for human interaction/intervention), however in this article I will outline the possibility for mortgages online and how I think the successful players will approach it.

Firstly …

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