Ireland vs US: Wholesalers

What does it mean to buy in bulk? There are many different definitions depending on the social and cultural norms of a country. Normally, these intermediary entities are referred to as wholesalers.

Wholesalers are businesses that purchase large quantities of goods at lower manufacturer prices and sell them to retailers or in some cases, directly to consumers. The prices that the products are sold are usually lower, given the high quantity of product that a person or company is buying at one time. These wholesale stores generally help to eliminate a lot of the hassle that is associated with working directly with manufacturers.

Large manufacturers have been able to increase factory gate prices by 0.3pc within the month of May. This increase is less than the 0.8pc increase that was achieved in May 2018. Furthermore, the total percentage decrease for 2019 has been totaled at 6.3pc, which is 0.4pc more than it was this same time last year.

These Central Statistics Office findings seem to be reporting that Irish manufacturing is not growing as steadily as it was in the …

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