IMF Report on Ireland, condensed.

The IMF released their report on Ireland yesterday, here are some of the bullet points of the report.

Executive summary:

Given our serious imbalances Ireland was especially vulnerable to the recent global shocks. Specifically, over reliance on construction, financial intermediation, and this was coupled with a loss of competitiveness. Our expected drop cumulative drop in GDP of 13.5% to 2010 is the largest amongst advanced economies. The decline in wages will need to be sustained to help redress our cost disadvantage. Rapid progress on bank restructuring is critical. Authorities have taken important steps towards stabilization through the blanket guarantee. ECB is providing vital liquidity. NAMA is potentially the right mechanism, but it requires realistic assessments. Fiscal consolidation has begun and must be sustained. A continued commitment is required to address sensitive expenditures including the public wage bill and the scope of social welfare programmes.

1. The Context

The problems in Ireland reflect the unwinding of critical imbalances, easy credit fostered a property bubble, bank exposure to property soared as did the use …

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