The Stimulus Scam

In this clip Peter Schiff argues against the stimulus packages, calling for less government and a need for savings. Normally economic theory supports that increasing savings during a downturn (Keynes – paradox of thrift) hurts the economy. Peter says ‘au contraire’ and this clip is an interesting take on the man they named ‘Dr. Doom’, he is however, the same man who saw with absolute foresight the coming financial crash and he wrote a book about it called ‘Crash Proof’, he is a fascinating commentator.

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Some quick Tips about Irish Mortgages and getting a Mortgage in Ireland.

If you have never bought a house then all the talk you will hear about mortgages might be fairly confusing and even frightening. Back in the olden days when I had a personality (the mortgage industry eventually strips you of that) I was training up as a mortgage advisor and even though it was all I did the whole day through every day of the week it took me a long time to become a Professional Broker, that and examinations such as the Mortgage Diploma. So I can only imagine how it must feel for people who are looking for a mortgage and looking to get straight talking advice. Who do you trust? How can you be sure that you are not being ill advised or ripped off?

In this post I will give you a few quick ‘checks’ you can do to ensure you are dealing with a professional broker. Firstly, you can ask the broker if they are regulated by the Financial Regulator and if you are the suspicious type you can ask to see their certificate of …

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