Investment Property Report Q1 2009

We are pleased to bring you, in association with, the investment property report for Q1 2009. To download the report just click here, or on the picture to the left.

The headline findings and information contained in this are based upon prices which are collated by Propertyweek, one of the most widely used valuer systems in the country, and financial calculations which were done by Irish Mortgage Brokers. Between the two companies we have combined our experience and knowledge in order to give an interpretation of the property market for investors.

The basis of comparison is as follows: anything with risk should carry a ‘risk premium’ versus the returns available on ‘low-to-no risk’ options (such as deposit interest). If deposits are outperforming investment property then there is no reason to assume the additional risk, equally, if this isn’t the case then there is an argument in favour of investing in property.

We hope you enjoy the report and if you have any questions feel free …

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