State pensions – how they work and what’s available

There are two State Pension Systems, the Social Insurance System and the Social Assistance System, so you should normally qualify under one of these systems. Both systems provide a pension in retirement, or a pension to next of kin in event of premature death or a pension in the event of long term disability.

To qualify for the Social Insurance System pension  you must satisfy the PRSI conditions and have made at least 260 PRSI contributions during your working life.

To qualify for a  Social Assistance pension you will have to satisfy a “means test”.

The Social Insurance Pensions provided are;

The State Pension (Transition): you must be  aged 65 or over, retired from full time work, satisfy the PRSI conditions. The personal rate is €230.30 per week, a dependent adult (over 66) rate is €206.30. so the maximum claimable for a retired couple is €436.60. At 66 the claimant is moved onto the State Pension (Contributory), this pension will be abolished in 2014, claimants will have to wait until at least 66 to claim the State Pension (Contributory). This …

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