Privately owned housing in Emsdetten

The houses that are for sale in Emsdetten are mostly provided by real estate agents or banks. Flats are rather provided by real estate agents than by private people as well. Buying or renting a house or flat is quite expensive in comparison to other towns in the surrounding. I did a research to find out how much flats in Emsdetten cost. When people look for flats with two bedrooms which are provided by real estate agents or banks, the prices are between €608-€825 per month. The price depends on where the flat is located, how old it is and how many square meters it measures. Three bedroom flats cost €680-€800 per month. The price for a two bedroom flat provided by private people is €760-€850. Flats with three bedrooms cost €860 per month.

The prices for flats are more expensive than in other towns because the demand is very high. When looking for flats on websites like “”, which is very popular in Germany, there are many people that are looking for flats in Emsdetten. So when a flat …

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Apartments and their prices in Emsdetten

The town Emsdetten provides houses and flats either for rent or to buy them. To find them, it just needs some clicks on your computer or your cell phone because the best offers can be found on the internet. Though the internet is a convenient and fast opportunity to find an apartment, there are other opportunities such as the banks, estate agents or reading through the newspaper. In Emsdetten there are provided many different kinds of apartments, for example small flats, villas or multiple-family houses. But what can be said based on a research is that the provided houses in Emsdetten are rather old buildings than new buildings. Emsdetten has many beautiful places, for example near the river Ems so you have a view on the river. The town also has many parts that are good for families because they are quiet. For example a part of town that is called Austum where do live quite many families with children. The area is quite, has a park near it and also a kindergarten. Emsdetten has many areas like that. Regarding …

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