All you Need to Know about Renting Out Property in Ireland

As the tourism and technology  sector booms in Ireland, and a growing number of students attending Irish colleges and Universities, the demand for rental properties is greater than ever before. As it stands, the average monthly rent is the highest in over ten years. Therefore, buying a property you can rent is the smartest investment you can make. 

It is the best investment opportunity

With an impressive capital growth and a strong investment yield over the past decade, property to rent in Ireland guarantees high returns. The amount of income that you can generate from the capital that you invested is even better than dividend income and deposit interest rates. Additionally, property offers a very good option to bring diversity to your portfolio of investments. If you have invested in cash, shares or assets, property is a can be the best addition yet. It is also important for you to understand that associated costs like stamp duty and legal fees on the purchase of rental property, are extremely reasonable. 

The best security for the future

If you rent out a …

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